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With the InShop service, you trust us with your personal information. We are doing everything we can to ensure its security and provide you with the ability to manage your data at the same time.
Look carefully at our privacy policy to learn what we are summarizing, what targets we use them and how you can change, export, or delete.


Information types
InShop collects user data to make our services more convenient. Thanks to this, we not only determine which language you ask, but to solve more complex problems, such as us we automatically choose useful and relevant products. The type of data we get depends on how you use our products and what privacy settings are set in your account.
If you are not signed in to our InShop account, we register the collected information using unique identifiers that related to browsers, applications, and devices. This allows us to remember your settings and others data, so they don't have to re-enter a new session.
If you're logged in, we collect and store InShop account information that we process as personal data.
Content that you create or provide to us
When you create Inshop account, you provide personal information, including your user name and password. You can also specify a phone number. Even if the entrance is not completed, you can inform us at any time of any information about yourself, for example, an e-mail address for messages about our service.
We're also collecting the content you're creating, download or receive from other users using our products.
Information that we collect when use our Applications
, browsers, and devices
We write down information about applications, browsers, and devices that you use to access the InShop service. It provides features such as automatic application update and screen tone with low battery charge.
By the way, we get a unique identifier as well as information, such as the type and configuration browser and a device, operating systems, mobile network (including operator name and phone number) and application version number. We also track information about interactions with your applications, browsers, and for devices with our services, including IP address, accident reports, information on system operations, date and the time you visited our resource and the URL from which you were transferred to him (referral URL).
We get this data when your InShop product communicates with our servers. These data shall include, inter alia, the type of device, mobile operator name, error messages, and list of installed applications.

Your actions

We we're collecting information about what you're doing in InShop services. It provides the operation of a variety of useful functions, for example, recommended product selection.

  • Requests you were looking for
  • Products to be reviewed
  • Views and interactions with content and ads
  • Shopping
  • Your actions with third-party sites and third-party applications using InShop services
  • Inshop page view history synchronized with your InShop account

In the inshop account settings, you can specify what data we collect.

Your location

Using our services, we collect information about your location so you can access functions such as, for example, show a route in entertainment places or display nearby movies. We'd find your location with a certain accuracy, taking into account the following factors:

  • GPS data
  • IP address
  • Data from sensors on your device
  • Information about surrounding objects such as Wi-Fi access points, mobile antennas and devices Bluetooth enabled

Our resulting location data is usually partly dependent on your device and account settings. For example, you can disable or enable geographic location on your smartphone or tablet while your account in settings, you can see a history of your locations.
In some cases, we also collect data on you from for public sources. For example, if your name is mentioned in a local newspaper, InShop can index this article and display for users searching for your name. We can also get information from you from trusted people. Among other things these include marketing partners who provide us with information about potential customers of our business services and security partners who advise InShop on prevention of abuse. In addition, advertisers share with we'll identify the information we need to do marketing research and show ads.
To receive and save data, we use a variety of technologies, such as cookies and pixel tags, local storage, for example, Internet storage in a browser or application cache, databases, and server logs.
Data lets us make our services more convenient
thanks to received for data, we can maintain and improve existing services, create new ones, and provide InShop and our user security.
User data supports InShop services functions
We use users' personal information in our service work. For example, it helps us process your searches or request a recipient the addresses you want to give access to.
User data allows you to maintain and optimize the InShop service
User information is also needed to ensure a stable functioning of services (for example, it helps track failures) and optimize them. In particular, we can determine which queries are most often flawed. It allows us improve the spelling checking function.
User data supports personalisation of services, including content and Display Choices
We use aggregated data to customize services according to the user for needs, provide individual suggestions, especially selected content, and search results.
If these accounts you haven't disabled this function in your settings, or we can show selected ads separately, depending on your interests. Let's say you're doing a “mountain cycling” search. After visiting your site with an InShop ad, you you can see an ad for sports equipment. Let us know which offers are right for you, set our own advertising preferences.
We don't show people personalized ads for sensitive categories, such as race and religion, sexual orientation or health.

  • InShop does not provide advertisers with your personal information, such as your name and email address, if you don't demand it yourself.

User Data helps you evaluate performance

We use your personal information to track how users interact with our services. So, we're analyzing statistics on visits to our sites to optimize their internal structure. Advertisers, meanwhile, can rate their campaigns efficiency based on information about which ads to click. To do this, we use a number of tools, such as Google Analytics. When you visit a site associated with this service, InShop and A Google Analytics client receives information about his or her actions that can easily be correlated with similar information from other sites that show our ads.
User Data Required to Contact You
We we use personal information, such as an email address, to contact you. For example, we can send warnings about suspicious attempts to connect to new device accounts and changes to our products. And when you contact InShop, your messages are saved so that we can solve the problem more quickly.
User Data provides the security of the InShop service, users and others
Our aggregated information is extraordinary important to ensure the security and reliability of our services. With this we can immediately identify and block threats to prevent attackers from harming InShop, users and the public's interests.
To do these tasks, we we use different data processing technologies. Our automated systems analyze your content and specifically target you ads and search results and customize other features based on how you use InShop products. In addition, it allows timely prevention of the spread of spam, malicious software and illegal content, such as also prevent other illegal activities. We also use algorithms to find patterns in data. For example, InShop a translator determines which phrase users most frequently record to offer a more accurate translation.
To implement for the purposes above, we combine data that comes from different services and from used devices. For example, if you're watching guitarists' YouTube videos, then you can later see a site that holds our ads by advertising product: guitar. If this setting function is not disabled in settings, we can link our actions to different sites and applications with their personal data to improve the efficiency of InShop services; and show you a suitable ad.
If your e-mail address or other identifiable information is already known for other users, we can share with them public information about your InShop account, including your name, and a photo. For example, it will make it easier for them to determine which letter they receive from you.
If your data is needed to enable us to take actions that are not mentioned in the current privacy policy, we always ask you for your prior consent to use them.


You can specify how Inshop collects and uses your data
In this section we describe the main tools that are being used manage privacy in our services. You can view and change settings using the Approve tool privacy settings. In addition, special security settings are available in some products.

Personal Data view and change

You can manage your personal data stored in InShop. To do this, you have sign in to your account and go to your profile. H Your InShop account contains the following information: management tools.

Tracking actions

You can choose which action will be stored in your account. For example, if you enable a location history. If you have a YouTube viewing history enabled, we'll be able to offer videos that you might find interesting. Your

advertising preference settings

choose which ads you need to prove in the InShop resource, as well as other sites and our partner applications. In your account settings, you can edit your interests, allow, or ban your personal learn to choose ads and block specific ad sources. Go to ad preference settings

Information about yourself

You can choose what other people will see about you.


suggestions You can choose whether your profile name and photo will appear in your feedback and in recommendations that are added to ads.

In my Account

My Profile Profile section, you can manage data created using InShop services.

Inshop Private Office

InShop you can manage information related to you in your personal area.

Personal information

on your InShop account in settings, you can manage your contact information - this includes your name, e-mail address, phone number, etc.

When InShop sends your information

We don't disclose personal information to users, firms, organizations and people not affiliated with InShop. The exceptions are the following:
The user agreed to this.
Your personal information may be transferred to legal persons or persons not connected with InShop if you have agreed to do it.
For third party processing on behalf of InShop.
We can supply InShop to affiliates and other trusts handle personal information on behalf of InShop. Such processing is carried out in accordance with our instructions, privacy policy and other applicable privacy and security requirements. In particular third-party companies can support users.
At the request of the law.
We can tell you personal information so that undertakings and individuals other than InShop are assured in good faith that they are have the right to receive, use, store or disclose information for the following reasons:

  • They ensure compliance with the law by enforcing a court ruling or enforcing a coercive national the Agency shall publish a report on the availability of the service (number and types of requests) and data).
  • They shall ensure compliance with the Terms of Use or investigate possible infringements.
  • They identify fraud, ban it or otherwise try to prevent it, as well as work to fix technical ones or security problems.
  • They protect InShop's rights, property or security, our users or society under the law requirements and on the basis of the powers conferred on them by law.

We can share personal information without identifying you publicly and with our partners, such as publishers, advertisers, developers and copyright owners. For example, we provide this information so that users could learn about trends in our use of services. In addition, we allow individual partners to get learn from your browser or device, with your cookie files and other technologies, and use their ads and assess its effectiveness. If InShop is involved in pooling, acquiring or disposing of assets, we let us continue to ensure that all personal data are kept confidential. We will also inform all interested users if this is the case. personal information is transferred to another organization or under another privacy policy.


Specifically offers to protect your information in our services tools
All InShop services have reliable security features that help ensure your data is safe. When we serve our services, we receive information that allows us to identify and automatically resolve the various security issues. If necessary, we will inform you of all the problems and inform you how to avoid them.
We are doing our best to protect InShop and our users from unauthorized attempts to access, modify, reveal, or destroy stored data. Among other things, we are taking the following steps:

  • We use encryption to ensure that the data is kept confidential while sending;
  • We use special account protection, such as safe browsing, security checking and two-step verification;
  • We are continuously improving the ways of collecting, storing and processing data, including physical security measures to prevent unauthorised access to our systems;
  • We limit our employees, contractors and agents' access to personal information, and we we shall impose strict contractual obligations for which infringements are provided for in respect of sanctions or redundancies.

European Union law

In so far as the European Union's (EU) legislation on the protection of personal data is concerned for your data processing, we provide the features described in this Privacy Policy with which you can request access to, update or delete your information and adjust its processing restrictions. In addition, you have the right to prohibit the processing of your personal data or to transfer it to another service.
Your information are processed for the purposes of this Privacy Policy on the basis of such legal bases.
The user it was agreed.
We need your consent to process your information for someone or another purpose. You have the right to withdraw it at any time. For example, such consent is required to show personalised an ad or save a voice search history to recognize a speech more effectively. You can manage these settings in your InShop account.
In the legitimate interest of inshop activities
, we can process your data if requested legitimate interests of InShop and third parties, taking all necessary precautions to protect your confidentiality. This is done for the following purposes:

  • providing, maintaining and improving our services in line with users' needs;
  • developing new useful products and functions;
  • analysis of the use of our services to improve their stability and convenience;
  • personalising our services according to users' needs;
  • Marketing of inshop products;
  • an ad that gives users free access to our services;
  • detection of fraud, harassment, security threats and technical disturbances in our services;
  • intellectual property rights, ownership and the safety of InShop, our users and the public, according to the law;
  • research to help improve our products;
  • fulfilling the responsibilities of our partners, particularly developers and rightholders;
  • compliance with legislative requirements, including investigation of breaches of the Terms of Use.

Providing Services

We are processing your information to provide the services specified in your in the agreement adopted. For example, when you buy additional storage on the InShop drive, we need to recycle your payment information.
Commitment We
process your data if you have to do this by fulfilling your legal commitments, for example, at the request of the authorities.
If you have any questions, please contact InShop data a defense team. For more information about your rights, contact the competent data protection authorities in your region.


When privacy is applied the Privacy Policy policy
applies to all InShop and its subcontractors, including YouTube, Android services offered and services offered on other sites (e.g. advertising). At the same time the current document does not apply to some services operating the same privacy policy, except here.
The privacy policy set out here does not include:

  • data processing procedures in other companies and organisations advertising our services;
  • services provided by other companies or individuals, including products or sites with embedded InShop services, links that are displayed in search results or in our services.

Changes to InShop privacy policy

We periodically make changes to privacy policy, but in future, we do not want to limit the rights of users described in this policy without their explicit consent. We always point to the date of the latest change by the Police, and we provide access to our earlier versions. If substantial amendments are made, then we make additional statements, and in some cases we can send statements by email.