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Heater protection case Elegance

Heater protection case Elegance

There is no need to use heaters during the warm time of the year. If your Enders gas heaters are mounted outdoors and can't be transported, it is sensible to protect them from dust and moisture during the storage period. That's why Enders manufacturer has produced a protection cover for an outdoor heater that reliably shields the appliances till the next time they will be turned on. 

Gas heater protection case is made from special breathing material resistant to moisture and ultraviolet. It won't fade from long stay under the direct sun rays and will prevent moisture accumulation inside. 

The magnets sewn-in at the bottom securely hold the case on the device. The heater is reliably shielded from precipitation and bad weather thanks to the tight case. 

Heater case features:

  • Doesn't smell.

  • Is easy to put on the device and is fastened with the help of magnets.

  • Resistant to atmospheric agents.

  • Can be washed and cleaned.

If you want to protect your outdoor heater from the sun rays, dust and rains then it is profitable for you to buy a gas heater protection cover in our shop. The quality and reliability of the product will be a pleasant surprise for you. 

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Granīta iela 3, Rīga, LV-1057 +37126003120
Granīta iela 3, Rīga, LV-1057 +371 26003120

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